OneForma offers work-from-home jobs that provide total flexibility regarding working hours. All positions have an important linguistic and/or cultural component, although the exact requirements and tasks depend on the specific role you are assigned. You can find the prerequisite details under each job description.

The ability to work independently as a freelancer and provide your own equipment to complete the work as specified in the recruitment questionnaires. You should also keep Pactera informed of any changes in the information you initially provided during the recruitment process.

Sign up and create your profile, select your desired job category and you will see a list of all the jobs currently available. Some jobs may only be visible to users with the required native language. Select the job title to see the job description and press the ‘Apply’ button. After that you will be invited to take a test which will help us evaluate your abilities and skills to perform the required tasks. For some jobs there are no available tests, in which case you will be contacted by the Forma team to continue with the enrollment process.

No, there are no joining fees or subscriptions. You are simply paid for the work you complete.

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That will depend on the income tax regulations that apply in the country where you are liable to pay tax. We pay you for your completed work and you are personally responsible for any associated taxes payable on those earnings.

If you have any questions or doubts not covered in the FAQ above, please feel free to reach to us using the module below.

We will do our best to answer your query as soon as possible! 🙂