What OneFormers think about us

Since I started working as a OneFormer for Pactera EDGE, I have learned a lot. I have been with the company for about three years now and have worked on many different and always very interesting projects. The work is very multifaceted and therefore the joy of the different projects is always maintained. The team is always friendly and helpful. I hope that I will be able to work on many more projects in the future and I am really looking forward to it.

Julia A.

Aleksandra R.

I am very happy to be part of this dynamic and international community. I started at the beginning of the year and in six months I have already worked on several projects. I like the diversity and the way the projects are organised. The staff is always friendly and ready to help. Collaborating with OneForma is ideal for those who, like me, have lived in different cultures and speak several languages. Still, the best part is that you are really appreciated and awarded for your hard work and competence.

I have been working on OneForma for over two years from Kenya. It’s an excellent platform with many opportunities. Very honest and the team always respond to emails quickly. Payment is made on the correct date, and new opportunities to work always appear. I highly recommend it.

Lan Feruzi W.

Laurie R.

I have completed the Sunflower project with 6 audio files sent. Enjoyed doing this fun project. It took me a couple of days to get the hang as I was making it too hard! Would happily do more along this line of work. The site has lots of options depending on location and expertise. For a gig job, certainly something quick and different to do. 

OneForma has always been amazing; from work availability to paying the workers, from variety of projects to the top notch support team, and from raffles to its frequent beautiful e-mails. To put it simple, OneForma is more than a company and it’s amazing.

Mohamed S.
Sri Lanka

Maria Fernanda F.

First of all, I would like to thank OneForma, which today is the most highly regarded among the UHRS contributors. OneForma has always responded as quickly as possible, and this has brought me great expectations during this difficult time with a global pandemic. I hope they remain as organized and with all the necessary support for us collaborators, making our experience with the company the best possible as it has been since the beginning

It’s an excellent platform. Very honest and the team always respond to emails quickly. Payment is made on time and new job opportunities always arise. Due to the pandemic, I have been working for almost 1 year only with OneForma and its projects, which became my main source of income. I highly recommend it and am grateful to be a part of this amazing platform!

Clariana B.