About us

Oneforma is part of PacteraEDGE, a global digital and technology services company headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA. Our core capabilities are in data, intelligence, experience, and globalization, providing inventive solutions in AI and Digital Transformation space. With a massive community of collaborators in over 200 countries and clients around the globe, Pactera EDGE delivers human-centric solutions to complex business challenges.

OneForma is an online platform that offers a large variety of jobs to work from home with a flexible schedule, to work out of our global offices, or onsite in our clients’ premises.

Our jobs include translation, transcription, internet judging, testing as well as collecting or labelling data from a variety of sources (photos, videos, voice recordings, etc), among other tasks. Some projects do not require previous experience, just meeting some basic requirements or passing the job-specific certification successfully. Other jobs require specific background and/or experience. We specify the requirements clearly in each job description.

Whether you want to work on a project to upload a few photos or provide translations over a longer period of time, OneForma is your marketplace, where you can choose the jobs that better adapt to your preferences, skill set, and schedule. We offer opportunities in 250 languages, so we are sure we have something for you!